Dr. Aliza Stark

Current Research Projects:

  • Evaluation of dietary patterns and behavior of Ethiopian women in Kiryat Moshe, Rehovot, and an intervention to promote healthy eating habits.
  • Assessment of dietary habits and health promotion in female combat soldiers in the Israeli army.

Research Interests

Dr. Aliza Stark is a lecturer in the School of Nutritional Sciences and has been teaching in the program for Dietitians for over twenty years. She is an expert in Food Science and Food Preparation with an emphasis on improving the nutritional and therapeutic value of foods. Her research projects focus on nutrition education and health promotion to improve dietary habits in Israel. Projects include planning, executing and evaluating interventions to promote better eating habits in Israeli school children (kindergarten, elementary and high school) along with motivating parents to provide healthier foods at home. Dr. Stark has also worked in several projects in the Israeli army. She has carried out surveys to assess dietary intake of combat soldiers and pilots and teaches soldiers to make informed food choices in order to improve performance and develop eating habits to promote lifelong health. Working with colleagues and students from the School of Nutritional Sciences, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rehovot, Dr. Stark has established a nutritional health education reach–out program in a predominately Ethiopian neighborhood. A recent partnership with The School of Social Work and Ashalim/Joint Israel, has led to the development of a program that uses nutrition education as a platform to improve family functioning in underprivileged communities. Dr. Stark serves as Co–Chair for the International Division of the Society of Nutrition Education and Co–Director of Academics for the International MSc. Nutrition Program in English.

נושאי מחקר נוכחיים:

1.הערכת דפוסים תזונתיים והתנהגותיים של נשים אתיופיות מקריית משה ברחובות והתערבות לקידום הרגלי אכילה בריאים

2.הערכת הרגלים תזונתיים וקידום בריאות בקרב חיילות קרביות בצה".


ד"ר עליזה שטרק היא מרצה בבית הספר למדעי התזונה והיא מלמדת בתוכנית להכשרת דיאטנים מעל 20 שנה. היא מומחית בתורת המזון והכנתו עם דגש על שיפור הערכים התזונתיים והרפואיים של המזון. נושאי המחקר שלה מתמקדים בחינוך תזונתי וקידום בריאות על מנת לשפר את הרגלי התזונה בישראל. הפרוייקטים שלה כוללים בין היתר תכנון, ביצוע והערכת התערבויות לקידום הרגלי אכילה טובים יותר בילדים בגילאי בי"ס (תיכון ויסודי) וגני ילדים יחד עם עידוד ההורים לספק לילדים מזון בריא בבית. ד"ר שטרק עבדה בשלל פרוייקטים בצה"ל. היא ערכה סקרים להעריך את הצריכה התזונתית של חיילים קרביים וטייסים ומלמדת חיילים לעשות בחירות מושכלות בנוגע למזון אותו הם אוכלים, לצורך שיפור תפקודם ולפיתוח הרגלי אכילה בריאים למשך כל חייהם. בעבודתה עם עמיתיה וסטודנטים מביה"ס למדעי התזונה ובשיתוף עיריית רחובות, ד"ר שטרק ייסדה תוכנית לחינוך בריאותי בקהילה בשכונה בעלת רוב של תושבים ממוצא אתיופי. שיתוף פעולה נוכחי עם הבי"ס לעבודה סוציאלית ועם "אשלים"\"ג'וינט ישראל" הביא להתפתחותה של תוכנית שבה חינוך תזונתי משמש כפלטפורמה לשיפור תפקוד המשפחה בקהילות במצוקה.


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Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth: September 14, 1961, New Jersey, USA.


1990 – 1995


Ph.D. Nutritional Biochemistry 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem– Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Biochemistry and Human Nutrition
Thesis topic: The fate and mechanisms of action of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber in the rat digestive tract.

1987 – 1990


M.Sc. Biochemistry and Human Nutrition
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Graduated with honors

1985 – 1986


R.D. Intership at Asaf HaRofeh Medical Center, Tsrifin, Israel


1983 – 1985


B.Sc. Nutrition 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem





Senior Tenured Faculty 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition
The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment 
Rehovot, Israel



Visiting Associate Professor of Community Health
Brown University 
The Warren Alpert Medical School 
Providence, Rhode Island, USA

2001 – 2004  


Lecturer in the School of Nutritional Sciences 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Rehovot, Israel

1997 – 2001  


Instructor/Research Associate 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Rehovot, Israel


1995 – 1997

Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
Cancer Control and Prevention Program
University of North Carolina– Chapel Hill


Courses taught (in both English and Hebrew)
Human Nutrition, Food Science, Seminar in Nutritional Sciences (graduate and undergraduate), Food Preparation, Programs in Nutrition Education (70 students doing community work) 
Presently academic advisor to 4 graduate students in the M.Sc. program in Nutrition.


Society of Nutrition Education:
Co–Chair– Division of International Nutrition Education 08–09
Co–Chair Elect– Division of International Nutrition Education 07–08
Communications Officer – Division of International Nutrition Education 06–07
School of Nutritional Sciences:  
Academic Advisory Committee /Curriculum Committee 2003– 2008
Faculty Council 
Elected voting representative 2004 – 2008
Israeli Ministry of Health:  
Appointed to the professional advisory committee to reconstruct the 
"Israeli Food Guide Pyramid" 2005
Appointed to the advisory committee to the Minister of Health on:
Licensing requirements for dietitians in Israel, 2008
Israeli Ministry of Social Services: 
Appointed to the professional advisory committee for: The National Free Lunch Program 2004
Unilever Israel:
Expert Panel on Dietary Fibers “Dietary Fibers and Diabetes” 2003
External Studies Department– The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
International Course for Food Technologists: Lecturer on “Functional Foods”  2002 – 2007
Academic Consultant and Lecturer– 
Course for Professional Chefs on “Nutrition and Advances in Food Technology” 2005
Master Chef 2007–08 
International M.Sc. Program in Nutrition– One year program in English
Assistant Academic Director and lecturer 2005–06
Co–Chair Academic Studies for the 2007–08 Program 
Israeli Ministry of Education:
Academic consultant for the Tavlan experimental kindergarten (Ramat Gan, Israel) 
Nutrition Education in children aged 4–6. 2006 – 2009


Professional Memberships: Atid– Israeli Dietetics Association
Society of Nutrition Education (SNE)


Scientific Reviewer for: the Israeli Ministry of Health; the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition; the Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology &. Metabolism; Physiological Genomics;
Elsevier Science; the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior; Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine, Nutrition.


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List of Publications

Recent Publications:

Sofer, S., Stark, A.H., Madar, Z.
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