Approved Patents

  1. Oren Tirosh, Jehoshoua Katzhendler, Yechezkel Barenholz and Ron Kohen.
    Radiation-protective phospholipid and method.
    US patent no' 5817856, 6/10/98.
  2. Oren Tirosh, Chandan K. Sen, Sashwati Roy and Lester Packer.
    Lipoic acid analogs.
    U.S patent no' 6108570, 18/7/2000.
  3. Ron Kohen, David Fanberstine and Oren Tirosh.
    Device and method for quantitative determination of oxidants and/or
    antioxidants in the skin.
    US patent no' 6108570, 22/8/2000.
  4. Oren Tirosh, Jehoshoua Katzhendler, Yechezkel Barenholz,
    Isaac Ginsburg and Ron Kohen.
    Thionophosphate derivatives, process for theirpreparation and
    pharmaceutical compositions containing them.
    US patent no' 6200962 B1 13/5/2001.