Prof. Zecharia Madar

Areas of Research Interests

  1. Molecular analysis of the biological clock in mammals
  2. The relationship between the biological clock and nutrition
  3. Control of the biological clock over the innate immunity
  4. Regulation of mammalian defensin expression.
  5. Structure/function of mammalian defensins
  6. Defensin and Toll–like receptor expression in diabetes
  7. Molecular evolution of defensins

Project description:

For the past fifteen years, our laboratory has carried out metabolic studies in the field of nutritional biochemistry. Using animal models of diabetes, breast cancer and colon cancer, we have investigated the therapeutic properties of numerous compounds for use as nutraceuticals. In addition, our work has focused on the mechanisms by which these compounds induce physiological and morphological changes in the body.

Our most recent research has beenin the following areas: Evaluating dietary models of oxidative stress in animal models and the effect of quercetin on rats fed high fat or high fructose diet. Investigating the influence of dietary interventions on carbohydrate metabolism and glycogen synthase.
Determining the effects of diets on nitric oxide synthase activity and expression in hepatocytes and cultured endothelial cells in the presence of glucose and antioxidants. The effects of dietary fat and antioxidants on mammary cancer in adult female rats and their offspring.
The role of lipoic acid as an inhibitory treatment in the developmentof dietary induced cataracts in sand rats and galactosemic rats.

Animal models used in our laboratory:

Sand rats as a model for NIDDM
Sand rats (Psammomys obesus) have been used as a model for mild diabetes. In its natural environment, the sand rat feeds exclusively on succulent plants with low energy value and high salt content, and demonstrates normal blood–glucose levels. However, long–term feeding of a "high–energy" diet results in obesity and a diabetes syndrome (type 2) which includes insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, markedly decreased glucose tolerance and hyperglycemia .
A specially defined diabetic (type 2) line that was developed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel is available.

Sprague Dawley rats fed a high galactose diet 
Healthy rats fed a diet rich in galactose develop spontaneous cataracts within weeks.
This model has been used in our laboratory to investigate the inhibitory and therapeutic properties of natural compounds and diabetic drugs in prevention of late onset complications of diabetes.

DMBA (dimethyl–1,2–benzanthracene) induced rat mammary tumorigenesis
This model of chemically induced breast cancer in rats has been used in our laboratory in experiments to elucidate the role of dietary fats in inhibition or promotion of cancer development.

DMH (1,2 dimethylhydrazine) induced rat colon cancer
The role of dietary factors in colon cancer development has been investigated using this animal model.
How diet can effect apoptosis, p53 protein expression and many other factors involved in carcinogenesis.


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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details:

Born 1943, Yemen; immigrated to Israel (Operation Magic Carpet, 1949); Military
Service; (1963 – 1966); Married (1967); Three children (1969, 1972, 1979).

Main Research Interests

Prevention of cancer and diabetes by dietary fibers and functional foods. Dietary manipulations and their effects on transcription factors, protein activity and expression. Effect of antioxidants and phytochemical rich plant extracts in diabetes. Nitric oxide synthase in various metabolic disorders (diabetes, asthma). Effect of olive oil on breast cancer development in mothers and offspring. Diet and insulin signaling pathways. Lipotoxicity and redox balance in the liver (hepatocytes) and macrophages. Diet and adiponectin signaling pathways (AMPK).


B.Sc.(1971); Biochemistry (with honors, 1973); Ph.D. in Biochemistry
(1978). All three degrees were granted by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Professional Employment

  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem:
    Lecturer (School of Nutritional Sciences) of Physiology and Biochemistry of Human Nutrition; Senior lecturer of Biochemistry and Nutrition (1984),
    Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Nutrition (1990),
    Full Professor (1994);
    Director – School of Nutritional Sciences (1987 – 1993 and 1997– 2001);
    Chairman (2002–present) Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition.

  • Universities and Research Institutes Overseas:
    Post doctorate, Internal Medicine, Yale University, Medical School, New Haven, Connecticut (1978 – 1980);
    Visiting Scientist in Stehilin Foundation, Houston, Texas (1980);
    National Institutes of Health, Section of Intermediary NIAMDD, Bethesda, Maryland (1980).
    Visiting Associate Research Endocrinologist, University of California, San Diego Medical Center with Prof. J.M. Olefsky, Department of Medicine (1984 – 1985);
    Visiting Associate Research Endocrinologist, University of California San Diego Medical Center with Prof. J.M. Olefsky, Department of Medicine (1986).
    Visiting Associate Research Scientist, The Eye & Ear Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1987).
    Visiting Prof. Department of Medicine, Medical Center UC San Diego. (1990 – 1991).
    Visiting Prof.– Karolinska Hospital Department of Clinical Physiology (1996),Sweden.
    Scientific Consultant, Amylin Company, San Diego, California (2001 – 2002).
    Visiting professor. Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Department of Nutritional Science 2007; 6 months).

Honors and Awards

Awarded prize in excellence from the "Geura Yashensky” Foundation of the Hebrew University (1978).
Lady Davis Fellow (1978). Israel Endocrine Society Prize; 
best Abstract for Clinical Research (1991). Honorary award from the Israeli Cardiology. 
Association (1994). The Karl Bach Chair in Agricultural Biochemistry (2004).

Editorial Activities

Editor–in–Chief, Nutritional Section "HRAREFUAH" Journal of the Israel Medical Association. Member of the editorial board of the “Journal of Food and Nutrition” (1999–)

Other Professional Activities (selected):

  1. Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem:
    Member, Teaching Committee, School of Nutrition (1994, 1989 – 1992).Chairman, Animal Care Committee (1989 – 1991). Chairman, Advancement of Laboratory Technicians Committee (1994); Chairman Interdepartmental Equipment Committee (1994). Member of the Executive Committee of the Library Authority (2003–) Member of several nomination (appointment) committees.
  2. International Professional Societies and Organizations:
    Membership in Scientific Societies: EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes.
    ADA (American Diabetes Association). Israel Diabetes Association Xl International Congress of Dietetics.
    BARD– Binational Agricultural Research Foundation–Final Committee.
    Organizing Committee:
    5th International Congress of Obesity 1998
    VII International Symposium on Insulin Receptors and Insulin Action: Molecular and Clinical Aspects, May 16–20, 1998, Jerusalem Israel Diabetes, Insulin Resistance and Obesity – New Molecular Targets for Therapy, May 21–24, 1998, Tel Aviv and Dead Sea, Israel EASD 2000, 36th Annual Meeting European Association for the Study of Diabetes 25th ESPEN Congress (2003)
  3. National Professional Societies, Organization and Governmental Committees:
    Nominated as an Israeli representative for the WHO (World Health Organization, 1989).
    Israeli representative for IUNS (International Union of Nutritional Sciences, 1991). Head of Nutrition Group (Ministry of Health) – nutritional recommendations for diabetes (1993);
    Research Committee for Diabetes (1989 – 1991);
    Member of Food and Nutrition Committee – Ministry of Industry (1994).
    Committee Member, Israeli Heart to Heart Association (1990 – 2000).
    Committee Member, Creative Science – Ministry of Science (1997) Member, Directorate of The Joint Program for Jewish Education (1997 – 2002)
    Chairman, Directorate of Airline Food Services (1997 – 2001)
    Member, Committee for the Israel Prize (1997) 
    Member, Committee for the Israel Prize (2006)
    Member and Vice Chairmen of National Biotechnology Committee (2003 – 2005) Member of Scientific Committee– Danone Institute (2000 – 2007)
    Chairmen– Scientific Council– Hemdat Hadarom College for Education in Jewish Studies Science and Humanities (2003–present)
    Member, Committee for new academic immigrants–
  4. Reviewer:
    1. Israel Academy of Science;
    2. Ministry of Agriculture –Volcani Center;
    3. Israel Cancer Association;
    4. Israeli Ministry of Health.
    5. German–Israeli Foundation for Research & Development (GIF);
    6. Israeli Ministry of Science;
    7. The U.S–Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF);
    8. US–Israel Agricultural Research & Development Fund (BARD).
    9. Health Research Council of New Zealand .Invited reviewer For F1000 medicine (endocrinology and diabetes)
  5. Publications
  • 136 peer review papers
  • 4 proceedings
  • 3 books


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List of Publications

PhD Thesis: Effect of Soybean Meal and Trypsin Inhibitors on Biosynthesis and Secretion of Pancreatic enzymes in Chick.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
Supervisors: Professor Yehudith Birk and Professor Arieh Gertler


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Madar, Z, and Levin A. Diabetes book (published in Hebrew). Nutritional Outlines for diabetes treatment 2007, Chapter 5 Page 127–130.

Chapters in Books and Proceedings (reviewed)

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Editorials (invited)

Madar, Z., Stark, A., 2000. The quest for the perfect infant formula. Isr Med Assoc J2:760–761.

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