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Chickpeas: Food of the Future

27 January, 2019

Hold the Steak; Chickpeas Are the Food of the Future 

Hummus – a world-famous mashed chickpea dish – is one of the most popular foods in Israel, and one whose true origins are hotly debated across the Middle East. It is said that this foodstuff was first made in Egypt, where there are recipes dating back as far as the 13th century.....

ramProf. Ram Reifen, a Hebrew University Medical Faculty graduate, pediatrician and an expert in children’s nutrition and digestive diseases, has devoted more than 15 years of research to this field. He created ChickP, a powder comprised of 60% to 90% from which milk- and meat-substitutes will be manufactured, along with high-protein energy snacks, beverages and more. ChickP is also a safe and better alternative to soy protein – which contains phytoestrogens – and peas, both of which trigger allergic reactions in many people. Concentrated chickpea protein can actually lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

chickpFor his breakthrough, Reifen will receive, during the university’s board of governors meetings, a Kaye Innovation Award.

Prof. Ram Reifen, director of the research center for nutrigenomics and functional foods at the faculty’s School of Nutritional Sciences, has found a revolutionary new way to use these humble legumes that is likely to benefit the whole world.