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Infrared Light Offers a Cooler Way to Defrost - Scientific American podcast:

Labyrinth ice pattern formation induced by near-infrared irradiation :  

First author student Shlomit Guy Preis. How antifreeze proteins make ice crystals grow

Makor Rishon article on 3d Printing of Food by Professors Braslavsky and Shoseyov

Food Printing in the news Oct 2017: NRGJerusalem post

The Atlantic: The Counterintuitive Way That Microbes Survive in Antarctica 

The Economist, Feb 6th 2016   + Economist podcast (first 5 minutes) 

HORIZON: the EU Research & Innovation magazine, October 2014 

National Geographic article (המהדורה הישראלית), July 2013 

Nature Methods cover of PNAS paper, March 2013 

Science Daily, February 2013 

Jerusalem Post on PNAS article, February 2013 

Cover of the Roy Soc Interface, December 7 2012 issue. 

Krill prize 2012 

ERC Starter Grant 2011: Improved Cryopreservation using Ice Binding Proteins, HUJI Newsletter

PNAS 2010 Superheating: Ohio University , ScienceDaily , PhysOrg'In this Issue' section PNAS March 23 2010

NQPI news letter, Fall 2009, Team studies inner workings of anti-freeze proteins, by Emily Hubbell

BBC: Sub-zero proteins transform dessert, by Victoria Gill , Aug 2009

Cold Case : Office of Research Communications, Ohio University, May 2009

EMBO reports DOI: 10.1038/embor.2008.160 (Sep 2008) Philip Hunter, Harnessing Nature's wisdom. Turning to Nature for inspiration and avoiding her follies,

In sequence, Volume 2 - Number 15 | April 8, 2008 : Helicos Publishes M13 Genome Re-Sequencing Data , related article Physics Today, May 2007 , Feb 2008 APS News: "Physics News in 2007" Related article

Perspectives: Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity at Ohio University: Fending Off Freeze, Proteins take a bite out of frost

APS2007 : Scientific American , Physics update , ScienceDailyOhio University Press release

Ohio University NanoSpintronics and Nanomagnetics web site: "Brain Freeze" , by Anita Martin 

APS 2006, Virtual pressroom, title: "Fluorescence microscopy studies of the antifreeze proteins"

Physics News Update 2003 Related article



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49) Improvement of sperm cryo-survival of cynomolgus macaque (Macaca fascicularis) by commercial egg-yolk–free freezing medium with type III antifreeze protein, Shengnan Wang, Yanchao Duan, YapingYan, Chen Adar, Ido Braslavsky, Bingbing Chen, Tianzhuang Huang, Shuai Qiu, Xi Li, Briauna Marie Inglis, Weizhi Ji, Wei Si, Animal Reproduction Science, 2019. 210,106177,

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47) Direct Cryo Writing of Aerogels via 3D Printing of Aligned Cellulose Nanocrystals Inspired by the Plant Cell Wall Doron Kam,Michael Chasnitsky, Chen Nowogrodski ,Ido Braslavsky,Tiffany Abitbol ,Shlomo Magdassi andOded Shoseyov (2019), Colloids Interfaces 2019, 3(2), 46;

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PDF   movies   Link to Interface Blog regarding the article.

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Other Publications: 

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