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Smell and Taste Changes in COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Diseases
Research in the Age of Social Media



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March 2021

חוקרות קורונה

תרופות מרות

GPCR Podcast - Bitter or sweet, that is the question

Coverage in Hebrew on our research on taste and smell loss in COVID-19

Coverage in Hebrew on long term symptoms, including smell and taste loss, in COVID-19

Coverage in English and other languages on our research on taste and smell loss in COVID-19


Dr. Fabrizio Fierro, Post-Doctoral Fellow

HUJI researchers develop an algorithm that shortens the search for healthy sweeteners (Hebrew)

Article on Masha and Avner Niv at Jerusalem Brain Week in Makor Rishon Weekend Magazine (Hebrew)

Eat well to age well,  Paris - November 2018

Antonella won a JBC travel grant for presenting at a Keystone Symposia, February 2018 (English)

BitterPredict article on PNAS Blog, October 2017 (English)

Radio interview on bitter and sweet research, October 2017 (Hebrew)

BitterPredict article on Ynet, October 2017 (Hebrew)

Exhibition on sugar, October 2017 (Hebrew)

Talk: “The Taste of Poisons and of Therapeutic Drugs: Who Cares and How to Predict it”, September 2017 (English)

Food design exhibition, March 2016 (Hebrew)

Recorded Talks

Bitter taste GPCRs and their ligands

Prof. Masha Niv


Finding the sweet spot: modeling GPCRs and discovery of sweet compounds

Yaron Ben-Shoshan Galeczki

yaron galeczi talk