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Head of Institute: Prof. Oren Tirosh

Administrative manager: Ms. Yael Fruchter

Office Address:
Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition,
Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 
P.O.Box 12, Rehovot 7610001, ISRAEL

Tel: +972 - (0)8-9489385
Fax: +972 - (0)8-9363208
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Special Lectures and Courses

2018 Co-Chair and Speaker, Plenary Session: “Reinventing FE: Vision and Strategy” In: “Perspectives of Food Engineering: Current Status and Vision from and for the Millennials, ” CoFE18, Minneapolis, MN (Sept. 12-15, 2018).

2017 (11) Invited Speaker: “Food Engineering: New Horizons.” 31th EFFoST Meeting, Sitges, Spain (November 16, 2017).

2017 (10) Invited Speaker: “Food Technology and Food Engineering Future: Innovation, Challenges and Opportunities.” CIBIA XI, Valparaiso, Chile (October 22, 2017).

2016 Invited Plenary Speaker: The Role of Disruptive and Open Innovation on Food Engineering (FE) Future. 30th EFFoST International Conference Vienna, Austria (29 November, 2016).

2016 Invited Plenary Speaker: LatinFood Congress “FS&T Strategic Vision Addressing Future Challenges and Opportunities” Cancun México (9 November).

2016 Invited Plenary Speaker: “Reinventing CoFE Vision and Strategy for Today’s Challenges and Future Opportunities”. CoFE Columbus OH (Sept. 12-14, 2016).

2016 Invited speaker: “The Role of Innovation in Shaping the Future Food Engineering” Food Engineering for Life - Honorary Symposium for Marcus Karel, MIT, Cambridge, MA USA (May 17, 2016).

2015 Co-Chair & Invited Speaker: “From Open Innovation to Enginomics: Paradigms Change” 29th EFFoST Meeting Athens, Greece (Nov. 11, 2015).

2015 Invited speaker: “Food engineering challenges in meeting accelerated progress in science and technology and addressing innovation needs”. INNOVA - CIBIA 2015 Montevedio, Urugay (October 7, 2015).

2015 Plenary session: “Future of food engineering: Leadership skills and mentoring”. ICEF12 Quebec City, Canada (June 16, 2015).

2014 Co-Chair & Speaker: “Academia roles and necessary paradigm shifts for promoting open innovation. In: Open Innovation and Recent Progress in Interfacing Science, Consumer Insights, Product Development and Business Needs. IUFoST 17th World Congress Food Science & Technology, Montreal Canada (August 20, 2015).

2013 Co-chair (with Prof. Zeki Berk) & speaker, Innovation Session – International Conference Food and Biosytems Engineering, Skiathos Island, Greece (May 31).

2012 Plenary Session Organizer and Speaker (with Prof. S. Sastry): Challenges Facing Food Engineering (April 2-4, 2012, Leesburg, VA).

2012 Plenary Co-Chairperson 16th IUFoST Meeting (Aug. Brazil).

2002 "Bringing consumer-driven concept development into the vortex of product development: R&D empowerment via the Internet." - Product Development: Strategies for the Food Industry 2002. Cereal Foods World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida (March 11 - 12, 2002).

2000 Paradigm shift for new product development - The role of the consumer,” Northern Ireland Centre for Diet and Health (NICHE) – Workshop The University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland May 30.

1998 “Global innovations in active packaging for extending shelf life of food products.” 4th International Food Convention, Mysore, India (November).

1997 “Deep-fat frying – Basic Principles and applications.” La Friture Maîtrise du procédé et de la qualité des produits frits. Montpellier, France (5-7 Nov.)

1994 “Oil uptake during deep‑fat frying: factors and mechanism.” Presented at the 1994 IFT Annual Meeting.

1993 “Role of Computers in the Food Industry” at “Food Technology for Health & Prosperity,” (September 13 to 16, India)

1991 “Product and Consumer Testing.” - Course given to the Israeli Food Industry, Special guest/speaker: Dr. Howard Moskowitz, USA. April 23-24, 1991, Rehovot.

1991 Italy-Israel Joint Symposium: “New Trends in Bioorganic and Food Chemistry,” Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy (October 14-17)

1990 “Quality Design and Management in Food Industry.” Course given to the Israeli Food Industry, . in Cooperation with The Institute of Quality Control and Extension Services for the Food Industry. Special speaker/guest: Ms. Paula Rosenfeld, USA (March 27-28), Rehovot.

1989 “Integration of Computers in Food Processing,” 1989 IFT Basic Symposium: “Advances in Bio and Food Process Engineering”. Chicago (June 23 and 24)

1984 - 1986 “Computer Implementation and Applications and Optimization Methods,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Summer course entitled: “Computer-Aided Techniques in Food Technology” (Course 20.56s), Cambridge, MA

1982 - 1983 “Kinetics and Computer Simulation of Shelf‑Life,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Summer course entitled: “Shelf-life of Foods: Chemical Stability and Safety” (Course 20.56s), Cambridge, MA.